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Published on 7th June 2017


To quote the great words of Billy Walsh - "I don't make movies; I make films." That's the portion that registers to me every time I watch a film or write a script. I admire the art, style, atmosphere and texture. Methodically constructing the characters, plots, subplots and settings. I live and breathe creating and telling stories. Just one question: what's you're idea of a favorite film? For me, a film that you can watch endlessly and never get queasy from. Now, I have a particular fondness for indie films. It was the summer of 2009 when I watched so many amazing independent films like Adventureland, Remember Me, The Education of Charlie Banks, Assassination of a High School President, "Seńor Funke" such a classic line,  Welcome to the Rileys, Lymelife; New York, I Love You, Next Day Air, Whip it and Remember the Daze. And these are just some of the incredible films I watched, not even close to covering the full list because it'll take days to get through. It was one of my best summers because I watched one dynamic film after another and I'll forever cherish, reflect on those memories for as long  as I have autonomy. Not what you expected to hear, huh? I know, decided to deviate from the documented cliches. There isn't any excitement in being so predictable. Live's either long or short, can't elaborate on which one is true because I don't have the power of premonition so I can't say either one for certain only either or . The answer'll just present itself over time.