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Published on 8th June 2017


I believe it's fundamental that we keep our environment clean simply because we have to live here and if we don't, what other alternatives do we have. Where else can go once our home's no longer inhabitable, Mars? No, we can't. Better yet, I'd rather not go through this mundane system of explaining it when it's already been explained masterfully by Bill Maher... 

So yeah, if anyone happens to have mars as a new sanctuary, it's perhaps best if you toss it in the trash can or to do the logical thing and just keep it to yourself, this also goes for keeping it from your family, too. And yes, global warming does exist, no matter how much you may believe it's a conspiracy but it's not. Summers get hotter every year, winters colder, hurricanes and tornadoes are landing in areas that they've never appeared in before, daily oil spills, excessive pollution in our air, littering. I mean, the list goes on. I'm not trying to tell anyone what to do because that's not place, but come on, does anything that I'm saying really sound crazy? Because if it does that's a shock to me.