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Published on 6th June 2017


Dreams are like Gemini's. They can be the greatest until they convert into a little thing called nightmares, I can never anticipate which one will pay me visit after I close my eyes and fall into a deep slumber. The task of it is very exhausting especially when you wake up in a cold sweat at night. For me, I can never fully remember the good dreams, yet I can always remember every single detail of the bad dream. Talk about being backwards. But I could always have it worse, someone always does. I'm really talking about good and bad dreams, when there are individuals who are struggling with narcolepsy so bad dreams are the least of their worries. But bad dreams are still a problem, a serious one because they can develop into night terrors. So my perspective on dreams is profoundly important like anyone else's because self-expression will always be a vital remedy. The best words I can leave you with is "Mind over matter, there isn't a more powerful instrument."